Volunteer Programme

Welcome to our Volunteer Programme! Our Community Aiders Programme is designed to take in volunteers for three or six months. It is very receptive and suitable to all categories of volunteers. You are home if you are a young adult who is a recent college/university graduate and looking for practical experience or wants to contribute in an effort to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of individuals, households and communities in need.

The Community Aiders Programme is also designed for experts in various fields. We are looking for  those with long experience and expertise who desire to make a contribution in mentoring young adults, train the volunteers, facilitate and train youth in talent development programme (in sports, art, and entrepreneurship), and work with households to build their capacity in food production, agribusiness and other income generating activities. This category of volunteers includes expert senior citizens and those who are still working or doing business or self-employment.

The programme is designed to work in partnership with the beneficiary communities in such a manner as to enable them to make a contribution and inputs, including accommodation for the volunteers. This gives you opportunity to interact closely, learn the local culture, integrate yourself, network and gain real and practical community experience.

We also have opportunities for volunteer work in our other projects and programmes in Leadership and Governance, Environment and Sustainable Development, and in Health and Wellness.