Minkis Hotel

The Minkis Hotel, formerly known as Community Aid Centre, is a community-based development centre with a guest house and conference facilities and the regional office for community Aid International. It is a business and a spring board for development activities and volunteer work.

In December 2003, Community Aid international started work on building a Community Development Centre in Bondo, Siaya County, in western Kenya – near Lake Victoria. The goals were to: have a permanent facility for human development through training of local school leavers who are unable to secure opportunity for further studies elsewhere; and, to establish a permanent facility to serve as a base for CAI’s community development activities in western Kenya region.

Today, the Centre, which was later upgraded into a hotel and later became Minkis Hotel, hosts CAI’s regional office, which gives the organization a comparative advantage regarding institutional capacity in the NGO sector.

Located in a typical village setting and sitting on a highway to major urban areas, surrounded with a quiet natural environment, and with self-contained rooms, excellent catering services, WiFi services and cable television, among other modern facilities, Minkis Hoteloffers unmatched opportunity for foreign and local volunteers wishing to work with CAI in its development programmes as well as tourists, academics on long stay, and any other visitors.

Apart from providing direct and indirect employment opportunities, Minkis Hotel currently plays an important role in community mobilization and facilitation of different development activities. It has been the centre of activities for Siaya County Leaders’ Forum and other community development activities in the area.

Minkis Hotel is the place for our coordination and operations of the following development activities: a community- initiated water project for the whole location; a free fertilizer project for boosting agricultural productivity funded by the Japanese government to poor farmers;  it is the holding ground for a food aid project in partnership with World Food Programme to households and schools with orphaned and vulnerable children; it is the action centre for a roof-catchment water project for households with the burden of orphaned and vulnerable children. The project builds water tanks for the targeted households.

Having Minkis Hotel has enabled Community Aid International to attract development partners and donors, volunteers and interns to work with us.

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