Partnership and Support

We are delighted that you are checking to find out how you can work with us.  We are very much looking for and receptive to individuals, groups, communities, organizations and state bodies to partner with us for concerted effort and synergy so that what we do may make a better impact.

There are several ways in which we can work together with you. Our activities and actions are in need of funding support and every bit of your donation or grant will go a long way in enabling us to touch the lives of the widows, orphans and poor households whose lives we strive to improve under our Community Aiders Programme. Or, you may support us with resources to empower underserved, marginalized and disadvantaged groups and communities to stand up and seek social justice.

We are also in need of non-cash donations – with relevant equipment and materials.  We will be able to find out what you can provide in this regard once we start talking with you.

Our Community Aiders Programme provides you with opportunity to actualize your corporate social responsibility (CSR) through sponsoring your employees to volunteer part of their time in our Community Aiders Programme, or through sponsoring unemployed college/university graduates to be productive, gain practical experience and make a contribution to in reducing poverty and touching lives.

Indeed there are several ways in which we can work together to pursue our shared ideas and objectives. To find out more about volunteer and internship opportunities, please read our Volunteer Programme and Internship Programme.

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