Community Aiders Programme

We fight poverty by: working with communities and partners in identifying and developing talent among the youth; building the capacity of young adults and women in entrepreneurship; and, enhancing the capacity of households to increase food security and/or income

After several years of working with communities in western Kenya in improving access to credit and financial services through village banks, and building the capacity of young adults in entrepreneurship, we have now consolidated our experience and efforts into a poverty reduction and wealth creation intervention called: Community Aiders Programme.

Community Aiders programme harnesses the energy and skills lying idle with the unemployed college and university-educated young adults, and blends it with the wealth of knowledge and skills among the recently retired experts, and deploying it in practical strategies that reduce poverty in households and create wealth.

The first component is about recruiting the unemployed graduates and retired experts from within the country and abroad, training them and deploying them as volunteers and interns to work with targeted households. They apply appropriate crop farming towards increased food security and in agribusiness to increase household income.

The second component in Community Aiders Programme is about working with experts in identifying and developing youth talent in sports, various types of art, and in building capacity in entrepreneurship.