Leadership & Governance Programme

We promote Good Leadership as a requisite to and as a determinant of Good Governance 

CAI is the lead agency in the Jadili Coalition – a partnership that brings together civil society organizations and universities to promote citizen participation in public affairs, integrity in leadership and good accountable governance.

The Jadili Coalition earlier implemented The Scorecard Project, which was a national platform for the citizens to assess and air their views about the performance of the government of the day. Between 2005 and 2012, we did opinion surveys using structured questionnaires and compiled reports that were widely disseminated and influenced the national discourse. The reports were also shared with the government after which Community Aid International was invited to make a presentation of the findings to a gathering of senior officers in the Office of the President in 2010.

We have (since 2012) designed and implemented Social Vetting and Social Audit Project as a sequel to The ScoreCard. The Social Vetting and Social Audit Project is a unique model that has never been tried in any jurisdiction. Social vetting involves assessing the background and track record of aspirants or candidates in the run-up to a general election while social audit empowers communities to critically examine the performance and conduct of their county governor and other leaders. These citizen-driven accountability mechanisms enhance the participation of the residents in ensuring good leadership and good governance. It also empowers the citizens to improve their watchdog role the management of public resources, service delivery, socio-economic development and leadership and integrity in accordance with Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya.